Jazz Weekender - First Edition - 2022

29 Apr - 1 May 2022
To celebrate International Jazz Day, boxout.fm, in partnership with Wild City, Gatecrash, Art Unites & Jazz in India, put together a live music experience showcasing some of the most exciting homegrown and international jazz artists today. Taking place from April 29th to May 1st in New Delhi, JAZZ WEEKENDER featured seasoned and boundary-pushing jazz artists that cross over into neo-soul, R&B, fusion, electronic, big band, funk and more. Set at the contemporary art-inspired lawns of 1AQ in Mehrauli, Jazz Weekender featured food and beverage experiences, curated retail pop-ups and other festival activations.
Artist Lineup
Triorität - Jazz Weekender
Gino Banks x Rhythm Shaw - Jazz Weekender
Gino Banks x Rhythm Shaw
Tribemama Marykali - Jazz Weekender
Tribemama Marykali
Revisit Project - Jazz Weekender
Revisit Project
Boi AKih - Jazz Weekender
Boi AKih
T.ill APEs - Jazz Weekender
T.ill APEs
The Jazz B'stards - Jazz Weekender
The Jazz B'stards
Four +1 - Jazz Weekender
Four +1
Pakshee - Jazz Weekender
Raj - Jazz Weekender